Karo Kuchar

Karo Kuchar was born in Vienna as the daughter of polish and czech immigrants who came to Austria in the early 80ies. After completing her studies in law and some years of professional experience in this field she decided to apply at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna to be able to focus on her artwork only.

Her work involves many different media and sujets. Since a couple of years she works mainly in old buildings or construction places just in the period before their renovation starts. Due to the up coming renovation she is allowed to use whatever is left in those spaces and so she transfers wallpaint, tapestry or plaster from the old walls to fragile transparent fabrics.
The old buildings/apartments always fulfill a double purpose in representing her temporary studio and providing the material for her artwork at the same time. So far she has worked in and with houses in Vienna and Buenos Aires.

Currently Karo Kuchar is studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (department for expanded pictorial space – class of Daniel Richter) and is currently based in Paris.


  • since 2018  

  • Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
    expanded pictorial space
    (Daniel Richter)

  • 2016 – 2017 

  • Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
    figurative painting
    (Kirsi Mikkola)

  • 06/2013

  • Graduation – University of Vienna